Volg Tribe
Volg tribe
Volg Tribe in Fantasia, Requiem of the Abyss
Vital statistics
Title n/a
Gender Male
Race Nomad
Birthday n/a
Age 17
Family Anna Bevallos (mother)
, Cyrus Bevallos (brother)
Element n/a
Alignment Neutral Good
/Neutral Evil
Sacrifices must be made in order to save others.


(final words)

Volg Tribe is a nomad and a potential romantic interest in Fantasia - Requiem of the Abyss. He only debuts in this game.

Background Edit

Volg is part of the Tribe family. When the war broke out, he was dragged out into the war mostly by his father. In order to protect his younger brother and mother, he made them hide themselves while he fights.

However, later he witnessed his father die in front of his eyes. His father casted a spell and curse on Volg: he can't be hit by any magic but darkness will eventually and slowly consume him.
This eventually leads to his death (in an attempt to break the curse by trying to assassinate Klavios, Nazim and Valencia).

Appearance Edit

Volg has black hair beneath a white bandanna. He has somewhat dark skin tone and has yellow eyes. He also has longer ears, like those of an elf. He wears a black body protector over a black short-sleeved shirt. He wears a thin vest over those, and he wears a white belt and somewhat baggy black pants. He has a bandage wrapped around his left wrist.

Personality Edit

Volg is a dense, cheerful and innocent nomad. He always lightens the mood whenever it darkens or tenses. He is an open person and easy to start a conversation with. He is also very honest with others, but he will lie if the truth will serve to hurt others.

However, he has obvious flaws: he is gullible. When Cain and Cyrus tease him about how the goddess of misfortune has fallen in love with him because Volg kept getting up late. He completely believed them, and ended up running away.

Also, he is not very intelligent. When Raven said that his food digestion system can't hold in any longer, Volg says, "Are you keeping a monster called 'foodigestsyy?'" Also, when Cain revealed the truth about him being a lighteater demon, Volg calls a lighteater "lightblahblah."

Later, he shows a darker side to him, one filled with revenge and hatred, especially towards Klavios and Nazim, as they were supposedly responsible for his clan's downfall.

Relationships Edit

Cyrus Bevallos : Although it doesn't seem like they care for each other, they in fact do. They constantly argue, and Volg usually calls Cyrus an annoying junior, but in truth, Volg would be the first one to protect Cyrus
because Cyrus is in fact Volg's younger brother.

Thanos : Thanos entrusts Volg to rely on his sense of revenge and assassinate the "most annoying girl" for him, Valencia. He does just that, submitting to Thanos. However, their relationship isn't a deep one.

Abilities Edit

  • Darkness spells (temporary)
  • Higher level of physical strength & hand-to-hand combat

Trivia Edit

  • He hates spicy foods
*Under normal circumstances, Volg is deceased. However, if Cain's Best Ending is obtained, it is shown that Thanos revives Volg back to life.