Valencia Athanae Leingold
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Immortal
Age 16
Family Cheryl Leingold (mother), Oswald Leingold (father), Cain Albaderon (brother in-law)
Element Darkness, Null
Alignment Neutral Good

Valencia Athanae Leingold is the main protagonist of Fantasia - Requiem of the Abyss.


Valen was born by Cheryl and Oswald. When she was young, the war broke out, which resulted in her evacuating to the Realm. There, she met Cain, and she became inseparable with him. They hung out together every day and night.

However, she suddenly broke down from a fever. Due to not being at a mature age as an immortal, she lost all her memories of Cain. She was sent back to Earth, but Cain was locked inside the Realm, frozen.

She lived her life well without her memories of Cain until the age of 16, when she once again meets Cain, her first and only childhood friend made...


Valen has short and straight black hair which goes down to about her shoulders. She has slightly pale skin tone and bright red eyes. She has a dark blue shirt over a thin white one underneath. She is also seen wearing a necklace.


Valen is often seen as a rebellious character throughout the game. She always insists on doing things even when Oswald never allowed her to do dangerous things, but if a valid reason is present, then she won't argue any longer.

She also possesses a loud and stubborn mouth (inherited from her father); when Nazim was in a pinch, she helped him by yelling at the captain to lower the price for reparations for the ship (that Shea attacked).

A few times throughout the game, she has shown a tsundere side of her; this is mostly shown in Cain's path, as he always teases her and he is her childhood friend.

Relationships With Other CharacterEdit

Cheryl Leingold : Cheryl is Valen's mother. They have a good relationship with each other, and they seldom argue.

Oswald Leingold : Oswald is Valen's father. Valen and Oswald often argue with each other, because Oswald is being too overprotective in Valen's eyes, and she doesn't like that. However, they care deeply for one another.

Cain Albaderon : Valen and Cain's relationship goes back years before the game started. When she was very young, Cain and Valen were inseparable friends. Cain also confessed his love and made a promise to protect her always, but Valen soon lost her memory. This made Cain mad, which resulted in his rude behavior to her.

Ciel Xaverius : Valen and Ciel are best friends, and Valen deeply puts her trust in Ciel. However, what sometimes annoys Valen is that Ciel is into matchmaking; she ends up forcing Valen and whoever the love interest was together to sleep in the same room.


  • She can absorb other people's power
  • Later, she gained the ability to see through time and space (she absorbed her mother's power, therefore gaining this ability)
  • Dark spells