Fantasia 3 Main Characters by azureXtwilight rllz

The main characters of the last installment of the Fantasia Trilogy

Your choices have the weight of Fantasia in your hands.

And then, you will soon realize that trying to find out your own identity is but a small issue.

As it is not just your fate at stake, but also the fate of everybody else... Who can you trust? And who must you be wary of?

Put your heart to the wrong person, and you may face a fate worse than death.

You who seeks the truth may find that the truth is something that you can do better without. Ignorance is bliss, but only if there's no breaking through.

The truth of the past will catch up with your future and when that happens,will you have the strength to face it..?

Maybe you know them by name, but do you truly know them..? Dreams, hopes, memories..

Will they detach you from reality, and the task at hand? There is no longer what is right, and what is wrong.

There is no good or evil. There is only the one who wins in the end. Lies, treachery, hatred, revenge..

You will face these, and you will harbor them, but will you let it bear fruit, and overwhelm you? All will be answered, in the Grand Finale..